Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SP and Finally Pics!

I received a wonderful e-card from my secret pal. She kindly reminded me to post my questionnaire (I was a bit confused on the dates and didn't think anything was happening until the 15th). Thank you secret pal. I hope I've given you enough information about me. I'll try to post more regularly on my blog and share my knitting ups and downs. Just let me know if I commit any SP faux pas as this is my 1st participation. I'm so excited. I love surprises as much as I love to give them.

Okay. Finally I have pics to post on my blog so it won't be so boring.
FOs first.
I have two
My Hat of Choice , pattern courtesy of SouleMama

This one is Manos in chartreuse color.

Hat #2 is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in Chianti, which knit at the same gauge as Manos. This is a quick easy and great pattern for a hat. Unfortunately, both of these are gifts but I plan to make on for myself.

More Hats Completed (actually before Xmas but I'll post anyway)

My son modeling my daughter's cabled hat in Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe Fino. This is one of the wool/acrylic blends that feels too acrylicy to me, but its pretty. I made this hat a little too small as well. I should have accounted for the cables not stretching much.

Another hat completed.

This one is Cameron's Cap in Reynold's Odyssey a luscious and soft merino yarn with a subtle striping effect. At $10 per 100 yds, its pricey but very nice yarn.

We Call Them Pirates hat is coming along nicely. A progress pic.

I'm already at the decreases and sadly the hat is too small for intended recipient. I thought adult pattern at 26 sts per inch knit with Dale Baby Ull at 32 sts per inch would be the right size for a toddler. Well, its more like baby sized. The fairisle doesn't stretch much like other knitted hats do. I'll just have to wait for an expecting mom who likes skulls and crossbones for her baby. I almost forget, there's a skull mitten pattern as well. I'll be trying that one out soon.

FLAK (Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong) Update -- I'm on 2nd round of swatching the cables. I ripped out the one on #6 addi and started again on #4 Bryspun circular. I like the #4 version much better, the cables are better and more defined. With the fact that the Cascade 220 seems to relax and grow a little after washing, I'm much better off on the #4. I'm a little behind but as long as the swatch is finished this week and I start on the saddle this weekend, I'll be fine.


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