Monday, January 02, 2006

No Sweaters Resolution Broken Already

I've done it. I ordered my yarn for FLAK - Cascade 220 in pear heather. I got a great deal at ebay store Cedarville Landing Yarn. Check it out if you want Cascade 220 at a good price.

To be totally honest, I started swatching for FLAK even before I purchased the Cascade 220. I was thinking of using Patons Classic Merino, so I swatched moss stitch. I went down to a size #4 needle and was still getting 21 sts per 4". From what I can tell, the Cascade 220 is slightly thinner than the Classic Merino. I actually have a skein of Cascade 220 but my swift and yarn winder are both packed and I'm not very motivated to wind by hand. I guess I'll eventually have to do it. I should probably go ahead an swatch the moss and cables so I'm ready to start when my yarn arrives.

We Call Them Pirates is having a little problem with the stranding. Over the long strands where I wrap the carry yarn in back, the black is showing through on the white skulls. I'm doing some internet searches to find out what I'm doing wrong. On another note, I think the hat may be too small for intended recipient. (Of course, I never bothered to swatch). I need about 7sts per inch to get 18" circumference and I think I'm more like 8 sts per inch which would give me 16" circumerence. That's really more of a baby size than a toddler size hat. I'm continuing on.

Also working on a mutidirectional scarf using a skein of Artful Yarns Broadway in a beautiful purple colorway. The metallic carry thread looks like iridescent beads when knitted.


At 11:49 PM, Blogger tammy said...

I'm having a few problems with the Pirates hat too. It's my first colourwork item and my gauge is taking a beating. Hopefully it will fit the intended recipient! Good luck with yours!

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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