Monday, January 23, 2006

FLAK Part 3

I washed and blocked my cable swatch. I think I squashed the cables a bit trying to get the extra water out. I had to stretch the moss stitch section out a bit to get to be the same row height as the rest of the sweater.

The saddles are on the needles and I should have them finished before the next part is published. I'm trying really hard to keep pace but I'm bad at focusing on one project. I also have the WCTP to finish, 2 pairs of mitten in Lamb's Pride, and a scarf.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics over at Yarn Harlot. Crazy me is going to attempt to finish Rowan Elfin in 16 days. The sweater isn't too bad except for those Kid Silk Haze ruffles. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. Anyway, I have the felted tweed already and I just need to choose a color of Kid Silk Haze to match.

I think I can. I think I can. I'll save at bit by making the arm ruffles into a single instead of three.

On a stash enhancement note I picked up some Rowan Felted tweed for some fingerless gloves for DH in a manly gray color.

I've also set a goal to make Sophia the Heart sweater from Jaeger pattern. I already purchased some GGH Bali in pink for this sweater. Her birthday is on the 19th, so I want to finish by then.

Even better if I finish it by Valentine's day. I plan to also finish Fletcher hooded sweater in Cotton-ease from Rowan Pipsqueaks for Vance.

I have to redo one shoulder, hood and finish. It was supposed to be completed for his birthday in June. I really need to finish it before he grows out of it.

That's all that's on my plate at them moment (not really). I promised to myself to finish for stuff. I'm better at the small stuff, quicker and less finishing.

My job contract is currently through February, so until then my knitting is limited to the evening and weekends. So much to knit, so little time.


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